Interesting Events of Turkey’s Constitution Referendum

This event experienced in Diyarbakir, Evgani. Chelik family’s baby was born yesterday morning. This family gave a name to baby. Her name is “Evet”(English:Yes). Her father says: “While we sought a name, I thought 16 April Constitution Referendum. We went birth registration office and confirmed “Evet” name. Officer was a shock and surprised. My relatives like this name. Everybody will give “yes” in my family on 16th April 2017. We think, in the future, our child won’t sustain negative effect. This name is commemoratively of the day. Everybody always remembers this name. 

Her mother says: ” I thought this subject first time. When I mentioned to hausband, he reacted positively. We gave this name to baby for Tayyip Erdoğan. In the past, there isn’t  watermain and road but they are available now so we will say “yes” in referendum.


 Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca (Cloaked Ahmet Hodja): Chess is worse than gambling. 

Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü (called Cübbeli “Cloaked” Ahmet Hodja in Turkey) said “Chess player is cursed and the most liar among people. While chess player is dead who probably won’t be vouchsafed say Islamic confession of faith (a.k.a. Kelime-i Shehadet). Watching a chess game is like eating pig meat which is a sin Islam religion.