​We make a wish new year’s night: This year might be different from last year. Unfortunately, these thoughts continued only about 2 hours. Turkey experienced terrorist attack once again at that night. This time, suspect/suspects used heavy weapons (AK-47 comfirmed). 39 people passed away from the world. According to authorities evidencing, suspect’s clear photo is showed up at the crime scene. This photo is shared by security forces for press. 

Back to the topic again, Turkey be exposed to terrorist attack every week. (We fight suicide bombers, musketeers, cutterheads). Authorities firstly accuse FETO (Fettullah’s Terrorist Organization) but ISIS undertake probably these attacks. FETO is really dangerous organisation, but this terrorist organisation doesn’t responsible everything but it doesn’t change truth, FETO is a terrorist organisation. (as PKK, ISIS, PYD/YPG etc.) Goverment is able to avoid these terrorist attacks but it doesn’t and we don’t, why? We don’t want to die in this attacks anymore. We say “NO TERRORISM!”

Turkish soilder at the criminal zone


Mayor’s Interesting Jail Project

According to Denizli Haber’s news Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) mayor of Denizli/Kale, Erkan Hayla, made a very interesting plan for war on terrorism. He built symbolic jail and imprisoned the plastic models representing PKK and FETÖ (Fetullah’s Terrorist Organization) members in symbolic jail. He put toy mice and bugs in the symbolic jail to make it more realistic. He said “Turkey gave a serious fight against FETÖ on July 15th. Our goverment has organized several succesful operation to FETÖ members. I want to give a lesson them. Whoever intends to damage our country, flag, and unity is in jail.” Also, he did not forget woman prisoners and mustached men.